Making a unique, modern LED headboard is a fun  project that can be built and mounted in a weekend for only a few bucks.  This article will cover materials and  products needed to complete the project; as well as a few helpful tips to  guide you along the way.  Here is a list of materials you will need:
Total cost: $76
Other miscellaneous materials include screws and construction adhesive.
First, start with a sheet of melamine.  This will be the primary structure of your headboard.  Melamine is a  building material that has similar properties to a laminate countertop, but is  sold in thinner sheets that are dimensionally similar to plywood and drywall.  Melamine is also commonly used to build cabinets and shelving.   If you prefer to keep this process as simple as possible, purchase a pre-cut shelf that comes in a variety of sizes.  It comes in white but can be painted a desired color to match your bedroom.   Don’t forget to cover the unfinished edges of your headboard with BAND-IT iron on edging for a professional look.

An occupancy sensor is an affordable technology that often delivers energy efficiency through convenient lighting control and adds a touch of luxury to the space it is installed in. However, there are several uses of occupancy sensor switches that are often overlooked, and many more that have yet to have been imagined.  After all, a wall switch occupancy sensor is simply a replacement light switch. Simply imagine anything that can be plugged into an outlet that is controlled by a light switch on a circuit; a lamp, for example.  Now consider that lamp being controlled automatically at the convenience of an occupancy sensor.  While this example is still related to lighting controls, it will get you thinking about alternative uses of occupancy sensors the right way.

 Here are three examples of additional uses to get your mind thinking:


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    Energy Efficient Lighting
    Led Light Bulbs
    Led Rope Lights
    Led Spotlights
    Led Strip Lighting
    Led Under Cabinet Lighting
    Occupancy Sensor Switch
    Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor