Wall switch occupancy sensors can be a great value and convenience in many household and office building applications.  It is a staple in even the most complex energy efficient lighting setups and can act alone to boost savings in the simplest applications.  Passive infrared occupancy sensors detect motion and will turn lights on and keep them on while motion is present in the room and will automatically turn lights off when motion is not detected for a designated amount of time.  These three occupancy sensors can be mounted to in a standard light switch junction box and can be easily installed the same as
a normal light switch as well.  In addition to having a hi-tech futuristic look, they will offer a lifetime of savings through daily use.  Never leave the lights on again!

 Leviton PR180 for $16.29
 Mount on any wall with 180 degrees of detection.  This device will sense motion in a 400 square foot area making it perfect for an energy efficient lighting setup in any room.  There are many different styles of wall plates to match any decor.

 Enerlites WOS15-W for $16.72
Turn lights off or on manually just like a normal light switch. Or set it to Automatic and let it do its magic.  The off time during automatic mode can be set from 15 seconds to 30 minutes of inactivity.

 Maxxima 500 Watt for $19.99
 This wall mounted occupancy sensor switch has a built in photocell that detects the presence of natural light and will turn off if enough sun light is present.  This added bonus feature will help to cut more money from energy costs.

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