There are several reasons why occupancy sensor switches are a great upgrade to traditional light switches.  They are convenient, energy efficient, and can save you money, to name a few.  However, some homeowners find it difficult to justify the initial cost of an occupancy sensor by the continual savings on electricity in a reasonable amount of time.  This is a valid concern for certain applications, and if the convenience isn’t worth paying for only one thing can help justify buying an occupancy sensor: a smaller price tag!

The  Decora PR180-1LW by Leviton is an affordable residential occupancy sensor that packs the same technology as comparable higher end motion sensor switches.  Just because it is less in cost does not mean it lacks in quality.  
This particular Leviton Decora occupancy sensor can be found for less than $16.  When mounted in a standard wall switch junction box it detects motion using passive infrared technology.  It’s field of view is a full 180 degrees along the wall it is mounted on and can see everything in front of it. 

The only occupancy sensor that can do better than this is one that can see through walls.  While occupancy sensors with such technology simply do not exist, there are such occupancy sensors that utilize ultrasonic technology.  These motion activated switches and sensors send waves that disperse throughout a space return back to the switch in a pattern.  Once the pattern is disrupted the switch is activated.  These waves can travel around walls and handle elevation changes that passive infrared occupancy sensors cannot, but they also come at a price tag 3 to 4 times larger than the Leviton Decora PR180-LW. 

For most practical residential uses, the Leviton Decora switches are more than sufficient and provide many benefits to
the homeowner.  In addition to being convenient and saving energy, they look modern and provide a luxurious technology to spice up your home.  They also extend the life of the lights that they control, saving you more money. 

By choosing from affordable selection of Leviton Decora occupancy sensors, you really have nothing to lose.  If installing the occupancy sensor is holding you back, do not fret.  Installation is simple for all levels of DIY homeowners.  Simply follow this simple installation video, and browse our selection of DIY installation tools if necessary.  There is no need to call pricey electricians to take care of this job.
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