To illustrate the potential savings of switching your traditional incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs or other energy efficient light sources, Energy Efficient Lighting Supply has created the Annual Energy Savings Calculator.  All you have to do is type in the watt rating of your current light bulb, the watt rating of a comparable LED light bulb, and how long the light will be on each day.  The calculator does the rest and immediately reports the amount saved per year in energy costs.
It is important to realize that this quick analysis does not cover all of the costs and savings associated with buying an energy efficient light bulb.  It is effective in portraying the current year given a certain usage and constant utility rate of $0.11/kwh.  This rate is certain to rise over the next few years making your savings increase even more!  Even though the initial cost of an LED light bulb is more than an incandescent bulb, in some cases, you will have to buy 25 incandescent bulbs to equal the life of one LED light bulb.  Its dramatic reduction in energy consumption will save you money while cutting back on our power plants' demand to consume our natural resources.   Perhaps the most important factor of all in a full economic analysis would be considering how many light bulbs you will replace with LEDs.  Take the number of light bulbs in your home or office and multiply the annual energy savings from the calculator by that number.  This should take the pain away from the higher initial cost of an LED light bulb!

Tip: Replace traditional three way and single pole light switches with occupancy sensor switches to add on to your annual energy savings.
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